clothes wearing a new shirt entire outfit. change our clothes,  wardrobe clothing wardrobe clothing fits and fits clothes clothes clothing a jacket or shawl a jacket or a shawl jacket in the car wardrobe purse wardrobe purse. everyday wear wardrobe malfunction wardrobe wardrobe wardrobe your face face throw water wash your face in the morning and then apply your makeup. Taking care of your face takes time, dedication, and effort. If you want to have flawless skin you will need to stick to a routine. You also need a few ingredients that can give you the most successful results. You're in luck because this article will list the main ingredients and give you tips to getting healthy, flawless skin. All that's left is you. see a difference in your skin. important for your body. Your body tends to build up toxins in your system over time by various things for various reasons. When you drink water, it removes and cleanses those toxins from your body. It's kind of like giving the inside of your body a bath. If the outside of your body gets bathe regularly, then the inside of your body deserves the same treatment. When you are regularly drinking a recommended amount of water daily, then you are removing the toxins from your body, which means you are reducing the amount of oil in your face that creates those nasty bumps. to clear those toxins from your body. While drinking the recommended amount of water daily, another important ingredient for healthy flawless skin is vitamins. Value of Vitamins Add vitamins to your daily routine. May people in the world are deficient in one vitamin or another. Vitamins do tons of wonders for us and our bodies. Vitamins help grow and repair our bodies in so many ways we do not see or recognize. Taking vitamins helps you try to maintain a healthy balance in your body, because you are getting the healthy supplements you need. You will see your skin begin to show a natural glow. A glow that no bronzer or make up can give you. If you continued on a daily vitamin regimen, you should begin to see your skin brighten in its own natural way. Day & Night Wash The next step to a "clean and clear" face is to wash your face daily morning and night. Washing your face helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells that is on your face. When you don't wash your face, the dirt and dead skin cells build upon your face clogging your pores, in which they cannot breathe, resulting into an unhappy pimpled face. Your pores need to breathe just as you do. Remember, you can not be lazy on this step. Most people begin the routine of washing their face daily, morning and night, but then they slowly discontinue the process and ask themselves a few days later, "Why isn't my skin clear?" It's not clear because you stopped your regimen! If you are saying to yourself right now, "Ugh, I don't have enough time." or "It is too much effort.", then you will not see the best results. The Best Cleanser wash your face morning and night with a face cleanser. best type of face cleanser that is for you. A face cleanser may work for your friend but not for you, because everyone's face is different. Do some thorough research for the skin type you have and the types of face cleansers you could use. Once you have found some face cleansers, it's time to begin to try them out to see if it will help you. It is understandable that you are in a hurry to achieve a flawless look but don't use the cleanser for two days and then toss it away because you assume it doesn't work for you. You should continuously use the cleanser for a minimum of 4 weeks, to determine if you see some improvement or not. Make sure that you are washing your face morning and night or washing your face as the directions on the cleanser tells you to. Be diligent and you will be happy with your results. Moisturize, Moisturize, & Moisturize Moisturizing your face is another important step to achieving flawless skin. Moisturizing your face helps to keep your skin from drying up and also keeps your skin nice and soft.  It is best to moisturize your face with something that is oil free and fragrant free. Again do thorough research on the type of moisturizer you should purchase for your skin type. You are what you think, you are what you do, and you are what you eat. To obtain flawless skin you have to watch what you eat. Eating a lot of oily and greasy foods can lead to an increase of breakouts on your face. Begin to eat healthier one day at a time to improve your diet. A healthy diet produces healthy skin, and healthy skin dramatically increases your chances of having flawless skin. We're all hoping for it to come soon.  The warm weather, shining sun and the cool breeze. It's such a great time of the year. With the seasons changing, our wardrobes change along with it. We begin to wear lighter clothing, flowy dresses and skirts. This year when making the transition, make it chic, savy, and playful. Tips for Dresses & Skirts Think of spring as a playful and happy type of season. Imagine how you can incorporate it into dresses and skirts. Your dresses and skirts should be feminine and playful. Be sure to wear your dresses and skirts in a manner that represents you best. You don't want to wear anything that gives the wrong impression of who you are. You are a divine being, let others treat you with respect by observing what you wear. Tips for Shirts Bright colors and pastels are in! Wear bright colored shirts that have a soft tone. The best colors to wear are pastel colors. These colors are bright but still have a soft tone to them. A good combination to use would be to wear bright colored shirts as the main base to your outfit, then add a little bit of darker colors to your outfit here and there. For example wearing a blue pastel shirt with some dark brown jewelry, or yellow pastel shirt with a dark green tank top underneath that shows a little bit of the color. Wearing blouses in the springtime is also a plus; it gives you that playful feel which works well in the spring. Make sure to mix the colors, picking shades that work well together, other wise it could lead to a big wardrobe disaster. Tips for Wearing Sandals Another great plus during the warmer weather is the ability to wear sandals. Bright colors on toenails do not quite fit in with the spring season. So save those bright color nail polish for the summer time. During the springtime wear neutral deep colors that will give a nice finish. For example nice plum color or forest green or deep blue will work. Colors like these will give a good balance to the rest of your spring outfit. Knowing Your Seasons When looking in the closet to select your wardrobe, ask yourself, "Does this work for the feel of spring?" Get into the habit of knowing what will work and what does not work for different seasons of the year. Every season you can look fantastic and chic! Start now to get in the rhythm of knowing what to wear each season. declare your summer independence from blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons today. It's difficult to maintain heat-it-to-achieve-it styles in the summer. The sun is scorching hot and washing your hair becomes more frequent. Thermal styling tools can give you an instant look, but constant heat styling can thin and damage natural, color- and chemically-treated hair.  Let your hair cool off by trying alternative no- to- low heat methods for volume, texture, or sleekness. .Flip your hair upside down using a paddle brush, smoothing the back of your hair from the nape to the front (Optional: For extra hold, lightly spritz your hair with alcohol-free hairspray) When you use your heat styling tools less, your strands get a chance to breathe. Challenge yourself to give up heat for two weeks and evaluate your hair.  If it hasn't been severely damaged by heat, you may notice that your hair looks and feels healthier and stronger. Each low-to-no heat method requires less stress on your hair and an overall healthy approach to your styling routine. Spend the rest of summer working on your tan, and not your hair. Eliminate Puffy Eyes Before you wash your face in the mornings, use a cue tip to lightly dab a very small amount of aloe vera gel (revered for its healing, anti-inflammatory, and cooling properties) over your eyes. Leave the gel on your eyes for five to ten minutes and then wash your face with your regular cleanser. You will you feel instantly refreshed and your eyes will look brighter and more youthful. The late-night puffiness around your eyes will begin to disappear. Good morning, Sunshine! Banish Rough Skin To remedy dry and cracked skin, formulate your own brown sugar scrub body treatment. The natural glycolic acid found in sugar works to gently slough off dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin. massage your sugar scrub to dampened skin. To lock in moisture, towel-pat dry and apply your lotion while your skin is slightly damp. Save your skin from damaging sun rays with a generous amount of sunscreen. Nothing can wreak havoc on your skin like sun damage. a sunscreen with SPF 15 may allow you to stay in the sun for 150 minutes without getting burned. However, even if you use sunscreen, try to chill in the shade for most of the day and feel fabulous in a big floppy hat for maximum skin protection. Your hair may be fighting the common hair cold right now- dryness, breakage, and dullness- due to the harsh weather. balance of protein and moisture in your hair. When the moisture and protein levels in your hair are in sync, you will notice less breakage, length retention, and an overall increase in the health of your hair. If your hair is hard, rough, or brittle you may need a deep conditioning treatment. This will help you restore softness to your hair and smooth your cuticle, the outermost layer of your hair strand.  When applying a deep conditioning treatment, try to use a conditioner that is water-based and contains at least one humectant.  Any product that lists humectants- propylene glycol, honey, glycerin- and water at the top of their ingredient list will work best to help your hair stay soft and moisturized. No More Weather Hair Worries When rain arrives unexpectedly, you aren't running to find shelter or making a make-shift umbrella out of a newspaper or your purse. You can play in the rain without worrying about you kinky hair getting ruined. Even in humidity, you can tie your hair back and let the humidity amplify your curls and get unbelievable volume. Curly girls who don't enjoy frizz or undefined curls can still leave the house and venture into high-humidity weather. Just be sure to apply a silicone-free styling serum on dry hair to keep your curls in sync. Your Facial Features Pop Some women with more traditional African features -full lips, broad nose, and high cheekbones- can appear more youthful with curly hair than straight hair. Flat hair can make these facial features seem larger than they actually are, and hide its true beauty. Shorter, tightly curled hair seems to defy gravity when worn out in an Afro style. It "lifts" the face and draws more attention to the eyes and cheekbones. You Become Healthier many times have you heard, "I know I need to go to the gym, but I don't want to mess up my hair"? When you wear your hair curly, you don't have to make the choice of having either a great head of hair or a great body. Let's be honest, your hair needs more than the perfect shampoo and conditioner. To give you hair optimum health, you have to eat right and exercise. When you have naturally curly hair, you no longer worry about your hair "reverting" when you sweat from a work-out. To freshen your curls after the gym, you can water-rinse or cleanse you hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. You Can Experiment with Color When you let your natural tresses roam free and treat it with care, you can experiment with more color without worrying about double-processing your hair with chemicals or daily doses of heat. If you apply heat on a daily basis or wear a relaxer, adding another hair-altering chemical like color to the mix can be a recipe for dryness and breakage. Even with chemical-free hair, color can still be damaging.  Look for alternative and gentler coloring options like Henna or semi-permanent glosses. Maintain a healthier head of hair with color by putting the relaxer away, and treating your hair with nourishing products formulated for color-treated hair.Running to the salon every few weeks to tame those "unruly roots" is no longer your concern. Salon chemical and hair straightening services can cost upwards of fifty dollars per visit. Now that you've embraced the beauty of your bouncy ringlets, your wallet is packed with extra cash. Indulge your hair with at-home nourishing treatments using deep conditioners and essential oils. The next time you see a woman with an eye-catching hair style or lustrous curls, give her a compliment. Whether you have a spouse to give you roses or not, give yourself a love letter this month that highlights every feature you love to play up, make your hair one of your favorite features. Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, it is beautiful and deserves to feel loved. The New Year is your time to shine. Your hair should be no exception. If you need more products just to fake a healthy appearance from split ends, dullness, or limp hair, January may be the perfect time to start over.  A healthy hair goal can be achieved if you start with the right plan.  Trim Your Ends Get rid of split, frayed, and heat-damaged ends with a professional trim. Your hair cannot look its best when damaged ends are getting all of the attention.  A trim can be anywhere from one-fourth of an inch to two inches, depending on the amount of damage. If you are apprehensive about getting a trim, you can do minimal shaping each month. However, eventually all the damaged ends will need to be cut off. Once damaged ends are removed, your hair will instantly look fuller, smoother, and healthier. Categorize your products (shampoos, conditioners, styling crème, etc.) and select one from each that works the best for your hair. The products that you do not select can be given away to friends, thrown out, or saved for the summer time. With a simple selection of tried and true products, your hair can be pampered and nourished with the correct products that work best on your hair. Commit to a Hair Care Schedule Consistently bathe your hair in deep conditioning, hot oil, and protein treatments. Your hair type and needs will determine how often you should do each treatment. There should be a healthy balance of protein and moisture to promote softer and stronger strands. Have a trusted stylist evaluate your hair. He or she will be able to help you commit to a healthy hair care schedule and help decide what healthy hair practices would work best for you.Handle Hair with Care Now that you are fully invested into your customized healthy hair journey, be gentle to your strands. Avoid styles that pull at the scalp and edges of your hair. The corners of your eyes should not meet at your scalp line. Instead, style your hair into loose, chic ponytails and buns. Keep hair manipulation low, only using proper combs and brushes sparingly and gently to detangle and style hair. Always moisturize and protect the ends of your hair to minimize split ends.  Treat your hair with care, and it will flourish throughout the New Year. Curly hair has been called many names: beautiful, unique, unkempt, trendy, unprofessional, rebellious, romantic, lustrous, and the list goes on. Within the past five years, major hair companies have realized that curly hair is also very "marketable". When you listen to your hair and notice what it likes, your curly hair can become synonymous with another word - healthy.You are mingling at a party and in walks a bombshell in a fitted jacket, the best pair of skinny jeans you have seen, a head full of luscious curls, and a confident laugh that fills the room.  You immediately envy the stillettoed goddess.  improve your look and overall confidence.  With minor changes and implementing the following "secrets" you will have the tools to always feel confident and look and your best. Wear Your Favorite Outfit When you like what you are wearing your confidence level rises.  However, there are a few fashion tips you want to keep in mind.  Tailored waistlines on dresses or jackets create slimming effects and pencil skirts hide upper leg blemishes and highlight calves.  Black is always slimming but spice it up with red accents (scarf, shoes, jewelry).  Highlight your best feature to feel extra sexy. Hair Is Important Many women overlook the importance of a well coiffed do.  This year, to the benefit of all women, volume and curls are in.  Try using hot rollers because they are easy to use, quick, and will not damage your hair.  They create a loose curl that softens any look.  Leave your hair down.  If this drives you crazy, use a decorative clip to sweep up a side.  If you don't have rollers, use a curling iron to add volume and curls to your tresses. The Arsenal Of Beauty Secrets These are wonderful beauty weapons used by many Hollywood stars. Most women are so good at these "tricks" that the result appears to be natural. Non Make-up Wearers You are blessed to have a fresh clean look naturally.  For a special event, it is nice to wear a minimal amount of make-up for a more formal look.  If you don't wear make-up, mascara and lip-gloss will enhance your look.  Fake Eyelashes Fake eyelashes are a great way to widen the eye and create a come-hither look.  The packs with sections or individual lashes rather than the full strip are easier to apply and look more natural.  Apply them to the outer corner of your eye following the natural lash line.  It will add a little length and enhance the look of the eye. Curly hair is a commitment, a long-term relationship. It is more prone to splitting up, as in split ends. It is constantly changing its mood, one day it's a poof, then it's a tangled nightmare. Style & Class Let's face it baggy jeans, baggy t-shirts, and over-sized flannels are not stylish. Anything that may fall into that category needs to be removed from your closet now! Also remove anything that is too tight. Clothes that are too tight are never in style however, don't confuse fitted with too tight. Confidence is Fashion There is nothing more sexy to a man than a woman that walks into the room with confidence. Make sure that whatever it is your wearing you feel great in it. Whether you are running errands or going out you should always feel confident in what you are wearing. The 4 Must-Haves A fitted jacket is essential this fall. Whether you are wearing it with your dress slacks to work or with your trendy worn jeans, a fitted jacket is a must have! Fitted Jacket For the tall and slim- Military jacket For the athletic build- tattered Levi jacket For the curvy- lightweight trench Tall Boots Tall boots make heads turn. You will want to splurge on this buy and ensure that you are getting good quality. They are great for the office or for a night out on the town. For the office put on a pair of tights with a skirt and for the night out leave the tights at home. The Perfect Pair of Jeans Every woman should have a pair of jeans that shape her figure, gives her comfort and builds her confidence. For this fall go for a fitted boot cut with embellishment on the back pockets or for the tall and slim woman go with the skinny jean and tuck them in your tall boots. Large Leather Hobo Handbag With the chill in the air a large hobo is needed. It will carry all your normal hand bag items like your wallet, phone, water bottle, ect. You can put a scarf and gloves in there too. To keep it stylish go with something that has a rock star edge to it. Just remember to control the amount of rock star. Shop around for the perfect hobo for you. Remember that every woman has a unique body shape. Take the fashion forecast and make it your own. Put your own unique spin on everything that you wear and remember to just be you! Fall is a great season to try out new colors. Now that we know the models wearing the colors are not perfect, hopefully we will feel a bit more adventurous with fall trends! You are just as beautiful as these models, so embrace your uniqueness, and remember they make you who you are. You are beautiful and unique. Every laugh line that is etched on your face should be treasured, every wrinkle, and every scar should be worn with proud. All those things have made you who you are today, and with that, you should be proud. Eyeshadow, Blush, & Lipstick This season, we are seeing lots of purples and grays on lids.  These eye shadows have a ton of varying shades, so there is definitely one that is guaranteed to look fabulous on you.  Maybe even more than one!  These shades work with all eye colors, so do not be afraid to experiment.  With all the focus on eyes and lips, you can take it easy on the blush. Shoes shoes shoes fabulous shoes Shades of roses and mochas will match these shadows fabulously, and keep you looking fall fresh. For lips, try shades of berries and reds. mascara and lip-glosses.  Used mascara's can be very irritating to the delicate eye area, and lip-glosses can harbor unwanted bacteria.  Lipsticks can be cleaned with a quick swipe of alcohol.  Clean all eye shadows, swiping a tissue with alcohol over the shadow or the cream shadow.  Also be careful.
Freedom's Toll
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

As one travels through life's journey unfolding all the opportunities, joys, trials and situations along the way. In the search for the wholeness, family, relationships and personal preferences, there seems to come a stop where one will need to spend some time thinking, reflecting, acknowledging and taking responsibility for certain times that once were known as the times of trials and troubles.

In the next route of travel one will find that there is the time of sadness, attached to the freedom that is bursting out from within. Soon one will see in a different light, taking hold of other tasks that were never thought of, or regrouping one's thoughts for a period of time, until freedom flows through.  One answer we will find is that it all will be okay. The time will not be wasted but lessons will be learned. The miraculous breakthroughs of family, relationships, work and home situations will be restored.

Although in this journey the greatest thing will be freedoms toll that has lifted and given a true freedom within to soar in one's life, to the ultimate joy that has always been within the heart. To once again dream and believe, this is one of our most precious gifts in life.

To then have the freedom that has peace attached to it and a smile on one's face. But the greatest is the heartfelt feelings of love and joy that will burst forth. So if one is in the freedoms toll of the journey, take heart for the day of peace and joy is to follow. Don't hold back, don't hold in, let the questions, feelings and answers flow, as a new height to soar is being made known. It is right at the brink of the journey.

Published December 2014 © Copyright

Setting the Stage
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

Setting the stage, for a new day, a new dream, and a new adventure brings a new song, with a new hope within ones heart.  Finding the way through the trials, storms and disappointments can seem such a never ending tunnel of sadness and remorse, yet there is a light at the end. Once again to see the goodness of the Lord, and the answers to this moment's struggles and changes that has crossed one's pathway.

While the past has had its time, one must now give way to the future. Lending a hope of joy and a release from the injustices, abuse, frustrations and finalize the deadness that once was. Seeing the past pathway for what it truly was, and allowing the lessons to be learned once again. While bringing wisdom and strength into the future dreams and plans.

A fresh horizon, a fresh start, with a fresh breath of freedom to soar to the heights once traveled. This is the new day with a new life, starting all over again to see what God now can do within ones heart along with one's life. Not allowing the negative thoughts and fears to encompass the path ahead. The dream has begun. It has been birthed within and there is no stopping it now.

While once removed from the movement of life and the joy that is within, one can soar into the heights knowing there is a new day coming to pass. No more regret or sorrow of what has happen and healing from the One who is the only One that can heal. One presses on to find the pathway drawn out before them this day. To reach for the morsel of strength to continue in peace and joy, until one's feet press on to dance in the rain and the sunshine again.

The stage is set, the new day is here, the dream is within and the adventure is ready to begin. Go forward to receive every ounce of joy that is there awaiting you. Go forward to know God has a hope for you beyond what you can ever see. Live it and receive all the goodness He has for you this beautiful day, this beautiful beginning.

Published 2014 © Copyright

Standing at the Crossroad
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

           Overlooking the year, confronting the past, wondering which decisions and paths have had an effect within the times that are upon her. Searching through the files of her thoughts and memories it seems that the questions continue to bring on a surge of mixed feelings of anger, joy, peace, discomfort and at times even fear. Although, when the paths shown dim, life once again is a reality, with the crossroad is standing before her. The crossroads of decision once again, how will this decision affect my life, my future, my present state of mind?

            Now as the crossroad is before her eyes it seems that either path is allowed and okay to choose, although the consequences and experience will not be the same. So which way should she choose? Which path will add clarity to life and the hope within me? Which way is the way that God would want me to choose? Difficult decision, filled with emotion and feelings of an end. While it is known that with God the pathway can be altered, changed, ended in a moment of right decision if one has made the wrong decision. That God will be there to help bring the straight pathway of peace and joy, with the added rights to the blessings of right decision making.

            Standing at the crossroad, wondering what to do, which way to choose? Standing here looking past the first step of decision, looking at the journey ahead in a fog, awaiting the clearing of the path. She is standing at the crossroad full of excitement and wonder. She takes the plunge, giving it all that is within her, while stepping slowly in the hope of a new day and time in her new year.  It's a new day and time, along with a new year to call her own.

            At last she has past the crossroad and has chosen her journey. No looking back now just a moment in time to step forward with diligence, perseverance, hope, excitement and a fresh new challenge in life. A new day has burst forth with the pathway decided and the adventure for her to experience in this New Year and time.

Published 2014 © Copyright

I Am a Child of God
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

       Whispering movements have filled my heart and body as the most precious and unexplainable baby is growing within me. It is a time to savor every moment of change that happens in the progress of growth. While thinking of the moment this baby will actually come out to this world to hold and care for. Some will cry as they enter the world, while others will be silent. Whether crying or silent the precious baby will be a joy and special moment in time revealing the amazing creation of God.
        Then the months and years go on and there seems to become a feeling of worthlessness, with a distaste for life and all of the struggle that happens in life. Continuing on but with a deep regret for even being here on earth. Suddenly the experience of a birth comes to pass and the feelings of unworthiness and distaste seem to fade. The new baby, you child, now seem to bring the bigger picture within. To show how important, how loved you are and how intricately you have been made by God.
         The one most beautiful thing about having a child is having the responsibility of raising them, which brings the knowledge of what God must feel about us. As humankind we can only do so much for each other and our children. But a Holy God can do the impossible and does this daily in His children's lives. With God's unconditional love and care, and His miraculous power who could want for more? As a child of God all is there for us to take a hold of and soar to the new heights of God's plan for life and wholeness. We rest in the arms of a Heavenly Father who is on our side with the ability to carry us through any storm, problem or struggle. We are children of a God. That is worthy to be praised and honored for all He has done for us.
         One thing that we must always remember is that the creation of life is an intricate design of the master of the universe, our God and Savior, who has designed our bodies in such a way to produce life. That God has not created a problem, a reject or worthless individual. No, God has created a miracle, a very special child that He has plans for of good and not evil within a world of pain and suffering. Psalm 139 tells us so, how precious we are as children of God.

Published 2013 © Copyright

Words of Victory
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

The setting is one of uncertainty with many facets of your life passing through your mind, as you sit staring at the beautiful creation in wonder. The pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together slowly while daylight is bursting forth. So why did this season last so long, with questions, despair, and challenges that you faced. Why is your heart torn in so many directions, with no answer seen, as to which way to go?

Isn't this the same place you have been before? Why the double take, why the mystery still evident within this day? Then, the sun bursts forth and the brightness once again is shone. A word spoken to you from the One who holds your life in His hands has declared that it is time to go forward and move on. The words sound so victorious, so full of life and joy. Although your heart does not feel it can muster up the courage and strength to proceed. So you ponder just a little longer, you sit and think of the past losses, sadness, pain and broken lives.

Then suddenly at this moment of remembrance the word, the voice of victory, and the feeling of strength wells up within you. You start to respond to the word. You start to hear the goodness. You start to see the breakthrough. Strength and hope once again are within you with the courage to go on. How could this have happen so suddenly? Why did this not happen long ago? Your childish wonder starts to lift your body up and walk as if on a cloud. There seems to be no effort to continue but a bounce, a strut, a feeling of purpose and vision is within.

The facts have come forward, and it is your time for victory. The mountains have been removed and the truth has been spoken. As you now write down the words of hope and your future, you ponder on them one more time, full of hope and joy. Yes, it is your new day to proceed in victory. This day, your One and only source of encouragement and love, has shone through the midst of the confusion and questions. Strength, hope and joy has entered your heart filling each crevice once again.

So as this is happening, you wonder, why did it take so long? As you question, as you ponder each detail of the feelings that have been in your midst, you realize, you did not allow the words of victory in.  You stood in this place much longer than necessary as you would not sit still, question, and be quiet amidst the One who has all the answers for your life's journey. He was a stranger for awhile within your life, but you have once again opened the door to the words of victory, from the One who is always victorious, in all things and in all ways.

First published November 2013 © Copyright

The Amazing Testimony
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

    Throughout the days where life's strains and trials, joys and miracles intertwine, we find that we tend to go to someone who may have more wisdom than we do in the situations we are facing. This may be a friend, spouse, clergy, business partner or friend, or the One on High that we challenge to give us the answer to this happening. Whether it is someone on earth or God above, the final outcome will be to either follow the advice or instruction. Then it will be in our ball park to decide what to do with the answer. Although at times we tend to just go on not following what we have heard, we tend to hope it will all pass quickly while we can still bare the pain and sorrow.

Does anyone have a testimony?

    Think about your testimony? Do you have one? Have you ever testified of what you believe? Even if you have no means of transportation, or no food, do you still praise God? Maybe you are suffering with physical pain, mental anguish or other struggles, have you used your testimony to strengthen you? How do you develop an amazing testimony? In trial, imagine a small voice whispering to you, "Remember all the miracles that you have heard of and the ones that you have seen." All of the thoughts of miracles can come and go without us fully grasping it and keeping it in our hearts.

    Let us not just pass off the miracle of ourselves every day. You are a living miracle. So many times we look down on ourselves within our looks, attitudes, intelligence, wisdom, understanding, worth, value, purposes, judgments in decisions and the list goes on. Why do we not see the miracle that God has made? Yes, we all are miracles, living and breathing miracles of the One who cares for us, made us, put the breathe within us. So why do we take this amazing facet and swallow it up in disgust, disappointment, and low self-esteem?

    Anyone have a testimony today? Anyone care to tell of the amazing person they are? Anyone want to help another today to see the value, purpose and worth that is within them? Yes, you are an amazing testimony.

First published July 2013 © Copyright

Your Turning Point
By: Diana Paino-Fulton
The cloud seems to have fallen with the darkness setting within your heart as the situation has thickened and the way out just seems void. The trouble was lifted for a moment as you called out for help and grace to get through, although now again this day seems to have encompassed the sadness around you and there seems to be no joy left in your heart.

Why has this happened again? You thought that the trouble was over and the situation was resolved in the victory, just moments ago. Although, once again it seems you are going down the same road with the same feelings of hopelessness within. As you sit and wonder "What have I done?" and "Why has this happened to me?" The answers just do not seem to come as you place one foot in front of the other to continue.

As you do the daily chores and attend the weekly events, your smile just does not seem to be able to burst forth as usual. You gaze to the heavens and a sigh of pain comes out of your mouth with no immediate change. Suddenly you feel a release to walk on in the midst of the adversity and pain, to continue one more moment. You continue to search your heart and look for ways to change your attitude and feelings of hopelessness.

Then all at once, as you sit still and pray, as you read and listen to the still small voice of hope. The cloud seems to lift, the hope seems to flourish and the renewed spirit seems to come within. Has the situation really changed for you? No. Has the pain fully gone away? No. Are you actually feeling joyful within? No. But there is one thing that has changed.
Your focus has changed to allow the One who can move heaven and earth in your situation to have His way. Your hope has increased as you realize He is the one who actually wants good for you and works in ways you cannot understand. Your heart realizes there is nothing you have done to cause this situation to happen and no, it is not a punishment or discipline as many would want you to think. But as you sit and listen to the One who holds heaven in His hands, you realize, He has things in His mighty hands and your hands just do not compare.

Yes, your hands just don't compare to the hands of the God of the universe, who knows all things and sees all that is actually happening, while making a way where there seems to be no way. So rejoice in the knowledge and understanding that your hands are here to use for the things He has placed before you. Although they are not the ultimately last hands to resolve, cure, and heal. It is the God of grace and mercy who comes down in all His Glory to show His love in all ways to you. Focus on His love and mercy, focus on His care He has for you, and focus on the joy that is set before you.

This is your turning point, this is your time to grow and realize all the love God has for you. This is your time to learn and remember that no situation is hopeless, no matter how bad it may seem. Not when our focus is on the One who can turn us around, and bring joy in the midst of the adversity. So once more you arise, with a renewed spirit and renewed hope.

First published August 2013 © Copyright

Joy In Your Journey II
By: Folakemi Ayodele

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. It is Spiritual and is not based on feelings, external circumstances, actions or deeds around us but it is more of what we know that indwells us. The following are ways to develop and flow with joy for your journey throughout life:

1.    Believe that you have joy because it is a Fruit of The Spirit that comes into your life when you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. That process is a Spiritual process that deposited in you the Spiritual Gifts. Galatians 5:2

2.    Your faith in God brings joy. Romans 5:1 [Faith Brings Joy] Therefore, since we have been made right in God's sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.

3.    Develop a routine of praise and worship in your daily devotion time with God. If you don't have a set time for devotion with God in prayers, word of God and praises, develop one today. God will reveal you and Him to you as spend time with him daily.

4.    Spend quality time in the Word of God .No matter how busy your schedule is, you must develop this routine, it will bring you revelation knowledge about God.  If you have problems in the area of joy, you can look up scriptures on joy by using Bible Concordance, write them down and meditate on them, your mind will be renewed and your sadness will be replaced with joy.

5.    Reading the Gospel of Jesus also help us to know more about God as our father and His son and what He has accomplished for us , that way the devil will not be able to steal your joy because of the revelations that you have received from God in His Word during your quiet time with God.

6.    Develop an attitude for gratitude, thank God every day for what you have , this enlarges and increase your capacity to receive more. Never complain, murmur and never be ungrateful for who you are and what you have: these negative emotions are catalyst that destroys joy for our journey.

7.    Cut off a thing or any relationship that steals your joy and peace, it cause depression   which eventually bring problems in your journey in life.

8.    Surround yourself with positive and happy people they help bring joy into your lives.

9.    Meditate and think about good things, what you think about the most you would eventually become. The good things you think about to become is possible because you have a big God living inside of you.

Phillipians 4:8-13 "...finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. I rejoiced greatly in the Lord that at last you renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you were concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it. I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

The devil will not be able to steal your joy if you devote yourself to doing all these and they will decrease your waiting time in your journey for your miracles and your life journey will also be more enjoyable and less stressful.

First published June 2013 © Copyright

Joy In Your Journey I
By: Folakemi Ayodele

What we know about God and who He is to us will always bring us joy and help us radiate the joy, but if our knowledge of God is limited, we will not be able to fully attain joy for our life and our journey.

Galatians 5:22-23; "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Since joy is spiritual, that means that though we are physical beings, we need to learn how to stay spiritual in our joy. If we don't adapt this attitude in our journey, we will end up becoming frustrated and depressed whenever things don't go as we planned. This is contrary to what God wants us to do. He wants us to have joy and be joyful at all times no matter what may be going on around us or what we may be going through.

The journey of our lives always involve seasons, therefore, it is in our best interest to know how to walk in and be in joy through our life's journey. We need to remind ourselves from time to time, just as season's changes, nothing we are going through will remain permanent but everything is subject to change. God is the only one that cannot change.
Malachi 3:6: "I the Lord do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed."

Ecclesiastes 3:11 "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end." There are times and things that will happen to us throughout life and as Christians, God does not want our joy to be dependent on feelings. Nehemiah 8:10: Nehemiah said, "Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength."

First published May 2013 © Copyright

Steps That Will Guide You to Blossom
By: Folakemi Ayodele

The following are steps that will guide you on how to blossom through the word of God (the Bible).

Read and Study God's Word
Read, study, meditate and believe all the blessings promised in the Word of God. There are thousands of blessings in the Bible that relates to every need we may have in life. Everything we need in this life has answers in the Bible, we just need to make time to look for the scripture that ties into what we want, confess them and believe them. 

Joshua1:8 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. A Bible dictionary or concordance will help us look out for any verses regarding what we desire. 0For example for someone that desires to have a baby, you can identify all the verses in the Bible that talks about the fruit of the womb, you begin to confess them until you actually see the fruit of pregnancy. This is how to blossom into the blessing of childbearing through the Wisdom of God from His Words.

2 Peter 1:3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: you activate the blessings to blossom by confessing what you believe   as you have read them from the Word of God. Believing God's Word will help align our thoughts and eventually we will begin to say right and positive rather than what our circumstances and situations looks like. There's great power in our confessions. Power of life and death are in our mouths.

Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.3.We need to be aware of things that can steal our hoy and don't allow them in our lives. They are unbelief, doubting in the Word of God and all walks of the flesh. These are walks of the flesh.

Gal 5:19-21The works of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. Once we don't allow the walks of the flesh, we can begin to walk in the Blessings. You don't wait until you see the full manifestations before you exhume the blessings. Walking in the fruit of The Spirit activates the blessings: The fruit of the Spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control

Gal 5:22 -23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Every area of our lives, Spirit, Soul and Body should be maturing and growing into boom daily, monthly and yearly once we do the above steps one to three. When we do them we blossom into success all the days of our lives as designed by our God.

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Blossoming Through Blessings
By : Folakemi Ayodele

        Some of the meaning of blossoming includes: 1. To come into boom of maximum development,
2. The act of developing and flourishing, and thriving in health, beauty, vigor; indicating the freshness and beauties of youth or health, 3. Developing and becoming more successful, 4. Glowing as with youthful vigor and freshness, 5. Flourishing health condition and prospering, 6. To glow with warmth or with a warm color.

         God our Father wants us is to go from one level of blossoming to another and His will for us is to prosper in Spirit, Soul and Body. Just as when a tree blossoms it produces flowers, our lives are supposed to blossom as we grow. In the book of John in the bible it states, "I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers". The blessings are already provided to us freely by God but we need to first know they have been made readily available for us; we must appropriate and believe they are there and lastly we must receive them and begin to walk in them.

         In Psalm 128 verse 2 it states, "You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours". A blessing is a gracious gift, benefit, favor or presents from God our loving father.
Ephesians 1 verse 3 states, "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ". Blessings are spiritually endowed upon us but the outward manifestations are seen in our lives in form of anything promoting or contributing to our happiness, wellbeing and prosperity. They also represent bestowal of divine gift or favor, the happy state of affairs and events that occurs in our lives and families. Every desirable state, every favorable outcome that we encounter are all part of the blessings. Every good thing we receive, every help someone offered us, our protection from God and all we have cause to be thankful for are part of the blessings.

         The Holy Bible is our reference manual guide for all the blessings that God has released for us. Our responsibility is to open the book of blessings, read and believe them, then we can begin that process of blossoming in the blessings. Our lives like a tree needs to be watered and well-nourished before it can blossom into the blessings. The Word of God is what provides the water and nourishments for our blessings to blossom.

         In Psalms Chapter 1 verse1-3 it states,  "Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night". That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in seasoand whose leaf does not wither- whatever they do prosper.

         If we don't read the Bible, we will not know the blessings that have been made readily available for us and we will be ignorant of them. Knowledge is power, so also is the revelation of the knowledge. Blessings are also released into our lives whenever we walk in obedience to God's Words. In Deuteronomy Chapter 28 verse 2 it states, "All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God."

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The Greatest Love of All
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

     Familiar stories, familiar encounters with a different twist added to bring a difference in relationships. From the male perspective to the female perspective, the love stories go on and on, with increased intensity to make the listener just melt with the words spoken. The sigh of, how beautiful, or how wonderful that love story was! Or just the sigh of, Oh gosh, we cannot even listen to the love story, as the details are just too intense for us at times!

     Yet the love stories go on each moment with a new twist and a new joy that cause the person to spring forward, to leap with a fresh newness they didn't have prior to their first glance.  So what happens to this beauty, this wonder as the years go on?  What happens to the love that was there from the beginning and now is at the end of the story?

     Sometimes it is the changes that happen in our lives, from our age to our positions at work or within the community.  Other times it is family or children that may set this love on the shelf for such a time as this. Then we look to that shelf and desire the love back and try with all sorts of plans to ignite the flame within ourselves and our loved one, to no avail.

     This is the human love story, the one that entices us to go on and continue in this world. The human love story that brings tears of joy to our eyes as we are lulled into the trance of our love together, believing it will never, ever end, not just linger for a moment in time. Our smiles and joy tell the story to the many who see us holding hands or walking so close together that not even a piece of paper would fit between us, when we embrace each other with a defined message of forever enclosed within.

     But is this truly the greatest love story of our time? Is this the love story that will never end, or is there a greater love than even this one? What could ever match this strong a love?  What could even compare to the eyes that sparkle and the heart that jumps, fulfilled within? Only one love can do this; only one God can sustain a love for eternity.

     Yes, it is the love that God has given us when He died on the cross and resurrected to give us eternal life.  But this is not the end of the story…this is the beginning. The love of God that touches people everyday is the love that will sustain us throughout our lives on earth and in eternity. It is a love that never falters, never gets angry, malicious, or spiteful.  God's love is an encounter with a God of creation who desires and has desired from your conception to love you with an undying true love. A caress of joy, encouragement, peace, and comfort for all the times you will need it. Kind words spoken in a still small voice to the one He loves so dearly. Never malicious, spiteful, hurtful or demanding of your time, but desiring every moment of time spent with you to care for you and love you with special blessings and words. Yes this is the beautiful love God has for you, yes He is reachable, as we allow Him in our lives and hearts. A love that can always be trusted and that will always be there for you.

     God's love goes beyond the beautiful rings, flowers, presents, and words of love that come from a person when all is well. God's love is there when we are in our ugliest way and form, when we couldn't care less if God was even in our life, when we feel we have no need for Him or desire to have a relationship with Him.  Now that is the greatest love of all… Now that can beat any earthly love we can get.

     Your love, oh God, is consuming and surrounds us… Your love brings us to heights we have never known…Thank You for being God; You are the greatest love of all. We thank You, God.

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Keys To Showing Self-Love II
Part II
By: Folakemi Ayodele

The gift of loving ourselves is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. This concept has been sometimes misconstrued as pride or high self-esteem, which is absolutely false. Self-love is simply promoting your wellbeing, loving you, and taking care of yourself. Before this can properly be done, there is need to know who you are, be happy with who you are, not try to be someone else, and be always ready to forgive yourself. In this two part series steps I-IV were covered previously. Here are the four last steps to get on your way to building self love.

Step: V: Take Care of Your Soul
Your soul is the seat of your emotions. Listen to music that is inspiring. Go for yoga or other exercises to stay fit. Aerobics is good because there is laughter and dancing while doing these sessions. Laughter is good medicine. It takes your mind off the stress of life. Forgiveness is also good for the soul. Learn to forgive others when they offend you and forgive yourselves when you fall short. Concentrate on empowering yourself by engaging in the things that exhibit more of your strengths than your weaknesses. If you have issues that are challenging, seek professional, medical or and spiritual helps. Do not try to hide it, deny it or pretend it is not there. These days there are a lot of network support groups around both offline and online. Sharing a problem with someone that is not qualified to assist you is going to create more stress and problems for you. Therefore, learn to share your issues with professionals and only trusted friends that can provide good counsel to you.

Step: VI: Let Your Spirit Thrive
Take care of your spirit by reading, studying and meditating on the Word of God. The spirit filled life is a life full of the Word of God and being a doer of the Word. Whenever you read the Bible, your spirit is being renewed. A life without the Word of God is starving the spirit and this makes an individual  to lean more on the flesh. For as a man thinks so is he. Your mind changes to more positive and you begin to believe more in yourself and your abilities, just because of what you are reading from the Holy Bible.

Step: VII: Surround Yourself with Positivity
Do not engage in pity party and be mindful of your relationships. It is very crucial to surround yourself with positive and like-minded people because what you hear can either empower you to become a better you or damage you to self-destruction. Usually, people go down the route of self-destruction as a last phase of not having lived a life of loving themselves or totally accepting themselves. It takes a while to  get to that level of destruction. Evil communication corrupts good manners. Remember the popular adage that says, 'Show me your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are'.

Step: VIII: As You Serve You Grow
8. Be always ready to lend a helping hand to people around you with your gifts and talents. This is called sowing and it means investing your time, gifts, love to others around you that may need your help or are hurting in someway. This takes your mind away from you. There's also a great reward for sowing into other people's lives. This is a spiritual reward law of sowing and reaping. When you sow good seeds into other people's lives, you also reap rewards.

When you follow these I-VIII steps consistently, your love for you will increase and you will begin to enjoy the life that God really wants for you. The journey to us accomplishing our destiny always begins with us accepting who we are and loving who we are. Start today to begin to love yourself completely.

First published December 2012 © Copyright

A Flame to Light the Way
By: Adrie Newman

One of the biggest keys to creating an environment for great personal success involves training yourself to have a strong positive attitude regardless of the situations that may arise. A positive attitude will give you the drive, inner support, and determination needed to get through the tough times. Having a positive attitude is like having your own personal flame to light the way ahead in a dark hallway. Here are some steps to create, maintain, and grow that flame everyday:

Step One: Reward Yourself
Take time each day to acknowledge and reward yourself. By taking little breaks throughout the day to reflect on your daily effort and accomplishments you allow yourself the time and mental space to see that you are a successful and powerful individual. You can and do accomplish the things you set your mind to. We are often times our own harshest critic, so it can be easy to feel we have not done enough if we do not allow this moment of reflection.

Step Two: Be Active
Take an active part in your world. Do not just stand by and let the world happen to you or pass you by. You are the controller of your own journey, and directly have an impact on what you get out of it. Embracing the responsibility for your own journey can be a little intimidating at first but it is the key to unlocking a self-actualizing, confident person. Own that responsibility, it will free you from victimization and allow you to gain the freedom, power, and strength of choice.

Step Three: Claim Success
Mentally rehearse success. By playing mental videos of your preferred outcome to a situation you keep aware of what steps you will need to take for that success to happen. You plan ahead and are actively mapping your road to achievement. If a portion of your mental video is not exactly as preferred, run it again modifying the steps until you achieve what you want. Practicing ahead like this not only means you will have a plan of action, but you will also be more able to maintain clarity when the actual situation arrives.

Step Four: Promote a Positive Attitude
Project your positive attitude. The more you see and manifest your positive attitude in your behaviors and language the more real it becomes for yourself and those around you. People will see that positivity and react in kind, thereby reinforcing it within you. A positive attitude is the lens through which we most easily create success.

Step Five: Grow and Glow
There is a growth opportunity in every situation. Look for the hidden growing opportunity and the positive that you can use to strengthen and enhance yourself. Even in the toughest of situations, realize you are gaining many things like patience, emotional intelligence, perspective, and experience.

Step Six: Evaluate and Respect Your Emotions
Understand the source of your emotions. Emotions are a reaction created within you as a response to a presented stimulus. That reaction is a sort of conditioned response based on the sum of how similar responses in your life made you feel, combined with the circumstances of the present moment. In other words, you ultimately control how you will react to future situations by re-framing how you react to the situations of today. Everyone can experience each and every day with a great sense of optimism and positivity. If you allow yourself to acknowledge the emotions and experiences of the past, but remember that this is a new situation with a potential new outcome that you have control over.

Step Seven: Serve Others and Shine Your Light
Do things that foster good will. Helping and being kind to others, especially toward a cause greater than one individual, can be very healing for the soul. The compassion we show to others help foster an overall sense of togetherness and unites us in a joined cause. Make an effort to participate regularly in activities that help a cause. This can be done through things like church or fellowship activities, volunteering with a woman's shelter, joining environmental causes, or aiding one of many other types of philanthropic causes.

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Keys To Showing Self-Love I
Part I of a II Part Series
By: Folakemi Ayodele

        The gift of loving ourselves is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. This concept has been sometimes misconstrued as pride or high self-esteem, which is absolutely false. Self-love is simply promoting your wellbeing, loving you, and taking care of yourself. Before this can properly be done, there is need to know who you are, be happy with who you are, not try to be someone else, and be always ready to forgive yourself.

        We must remember that God loves us and cares for us. We then begin to realize that we are truly special beings. This was why He gave up His only son to die for our sins, opening a way for us to have direct access back to Him. God expects us to love in three ways. First, love God with all our heart, our mind, our soul. Second, love ourselves. Finally, love our neighbors. All three love actions work together, if you do not love yourself, you cannot love your neighbor and if you don't understand the love God has for you, it will also be difficult for you to love yourself. The foundation of Love is God Himself, for God is love. If the one that created us as His masterpiece has spread out these formulas of love for us, there is absolutely nothing wrong in us expressing love for ourselves. In fact it is required and brings us closer to him and helps us reach our potential.

        Before you can demonstrate your love for yourself, there is the need for you to totally accept the real you, both your strengths and your weaknesses. You must realize that apart from God, there is really no one else that can love you as much as you can love yourself. Through self-love you can begin to have self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is accepting yourself just as you are. The following are things that you can do to ensure that you take the steps to start loving yourself and accepting yourself.

Step I: The Mirror & You
Admire yourself in the mirror. It makes you feel good about yourself. Find things you love about your face and your body. Dress well to impress yourself. Looking good is good business for you.

Step II: Positive Affirmations
Speak positive things about you to yourself. Never indulge or engage in saying negative words. Our words are creative and powerful, and they create our world. Think positive thoughts too, because what you think about yourself is who you eventually become. Your mind is a powerful gift that God gave you to create the kind of future you desire.
Step III: Take Care of Your Physical Body
Eat healthy nutritious food, spend wisely but don't be stingy with yourself. From time to time, stay on a good budget, don't spend more than you earn but you can buy the dresses you like, the food you like eating, the fragrance that appeals to you once in a while to give yourself a treat. You deserve it after working so hard for your money; you must also let your money work for you. You can also engage in activities that make you happy especially when you are feeling a little bit down or when things are not working your way. Remember your body is a temple of God, so it has to be treated regally.

Step: IV: Develop a Saving Habit/Culture
You want to have something extra to fall back on in case you lose your job and for emergency purposes. This saves you from having financial worries, that can creep in your mind as a result of debts or not making taking wise decisions with your money. If you are already in debt, try paying off your debts and stop from using credit cards. Stop engaging in impulsive shopping sprees. It is always wise to save for a rainy day.

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Seize the Moment
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

        In this ever-changing world, we have come to the standing point between fear and dismay. Many have lost their jobs, homes, families, and friends due to the economic downturn and others' are in pursuit of selfish dreams. We have aspired to the higher call for survival, sometimes with a judgmental spirit that can only haunt us and the ones we judge.
        Yet we continue in the devastation and sadness of loss to stand back and watch instead of putting our hands to the plow and making miracles happen for others and ourselves. We stand paralyzed by the news, drama, and forecasts of doom. Sadly, we believe this is a new era, one of dearth and loss. But it is not new; it is just different. Some have heard about or lived through the Great Depression, serious wars, rations, and end-of-time reports for many years. So what is the difference, what is the problem that truly is upon us?
        Many of us have grown up with the extras, the comfort and the assurance of family, work, and friends. We have stuck together with our abundance and shared our cup that has overflowed. But now we don't have the overflowing cup, so we must dig deep and share, we must use other resources to help, possibly even join together in our homes to survive this changing world.
        Today we are challenged to seize the moment. When Jesus was on earth, He had it all yet nothing of His own as far as the world was concerned, and yet He gave. He had the wealth of the Word, the knowledge of the Spirit and the Father, with the power to seize the moment and make a difference. He depended on the people within each town He visited for a place to stay, speak, minister, and love and in return released them from the oppression of sin or situations that burdened them. 
        Jesus seized the moment, every moment; He assuaged people in times of sadness and sickness, want, and demonic oppression. He was a warrior at times, with a compassionate heart and mercy overflowing to the many who had just fallen on hard times, including through sin. Jesus didn't judge them but instead ministered to and healed them, released them, and cared for them and then went on to the next person He was to see.
        We have the chance to seize the moment during the tough times we are in now. We have the ability to reach way down and help. This may take some of what is ours, some of what is stored away for our own bad times, some of what is lacking in our own lives. Yet as we do seize the moment, we will find that Jesus is right there with us and that our kindness, sharing, and goodness will not go unrewarded by the One who cares for us.
        Can you seize the moment? Will you seize the moment? Have you seized the moment? When will you seize the moment? Do you need someone to seize the moment for you? All of these questions are ones only our hearts can examine and answer… Dear Jesus, help us to seize the moment and see the wonderful time we are living in. Let us hear Your voice speaking to us, what it is we are to do to seize the moment You have before us in our lives.

First published August 2012 © Copyright

Our Father in Heaven Is There For Us
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

In the midst of the battle what will we see? In the midst of the violence, abuse, and disappointment where will we be? One thing this world can bring is adversity, trouble, manipulative and abusive people across our path. This brings the battle, the uncertainty of the comfort of our Father in Heaven within the midst of the situation. But if we take a good look, and glance at the finalization, we will see the strong tower, our refugee and our strength, our provider, conqueror, our Father God that is above all situations within our life.

This can be a very hard fact to see at times for many who have not had earthly fathers there for them? Dad's that would stand up for them, that felt the responsibility to protect them. For others of us, who had earthly fathers who were there for us, even if our Father was a great man and has passed on, we know that in our trouble he would be there for us today if he was still on this earth but God still remains with us always. He is our strength, our conqueror, and the only Father that we have who fully understands us no matter what and will never betray, hurt or leave us.

A close relationship to our Father in Heaven allows you to hang onto him in the midst of the battle. Maybe you have found yourself crying upon your pillow wondering when He would breakthrough within the situation. But in this you still knew he was there and would come through, somehow and someway. Maybe not the way that you expected or the way you would have wanted Him to come through, but He was always your Father God that fought for you and provided whatever it was that you needed in that situation.

In the scriptures you can remember the women at the well, the women in adultery, the women with the issue of blood, such humble places to have been in life. Full of filth, dirt, sin, and sickness, yet, Jesus our big brother, who was sent from the Father God, he did not cast a stone, he did not beat these women, and he did not ridicule them and abuse them with his words or fists. Jesus was sent to recapture their lives. He gently cast the moment of love and care, to esteem them, comfort them, console them, and forgive them.

Heavenly Father won the battle, with a tender touch, tender words, and a tender heart towards his daughters. Jesus did not condemn them; he did not force his power on them, as he knew they were at their weakest point. He did not speak harsh words upon them. Jesus loved them; he spoke to the crowd for them. He told them to sin no more, that he was there for them, to repent, remain pure and clean, seek after good, pray to our Father in Heaven. Jesus was sent down to do the Heavenly Father's will and work, and make a way where there seemed to be no way. Our Father in Heaven's plan was the final say; the Father God's authority went through. He showed himself in each of the women's lives.

As we live in this day, as we continue on our way wondering, praying, and unsure of the outcome that will happen, may we be confident in the one who is over all situations. Our Heavenly Father fights for us His daughters. Yes, we are His daughters, how awesome to be the daughter of the Most High, the Almighty One, the All Powerful God above all things and situations. Thank you God…help us to trust you each day…knowing that we are your daughters..we are your cherished precious stones, we are the apple of your eye, and our names are on the palm of your hands.

First published July 2012 © Copyright

Life Interrupted
By: Jeanine DeHoney

We all have those turbulent and testing twists and turns in our life that interrupts it and causes us to stop in our tracks. So how do you move forward with blessed assurance? You take in a lungful of air, and release it slowly, thankfully because you are still present on this earth and then you regroup, taking one hopeful step at a time. If your life has been interrupted because of a personal turbulence, hopefully you can let the blueprint below guide you back to a life uninterrupted.

Write an agenda for your day.
It is probably the least thing you want when you are dealing with an unsettling dilemma, a schedule, a to-do list, but having a daily or weekly agenda will add order to your frazzled nerves especially if you are waiting for a turnaround. Errands such as going to the dry cleaners, going to the market, working on your screenplay for an hour, organizing your closet, and so forth can immensely divert your attention away from your problems.

Write a mantra.
Mantras are hymns for your soul especially when it is overburdened or disheartened. Get some index cards and write down inspiring mantras that are geared to your particular situation. If you are dealing with a health issue, a mantra might be, "My body is my temple and it is healthy and strong and healed of all ailments." If you are dealing with a relationship issue, a mantra might be, "I am worthy of a relationship that is honest and loving."  Carry your mantras with you and read them throughout the day and before you go to bed so you will have hopeful words in your subconscious to override your anxieties.

Self-Preservation is a must.
When adversities come your way adjust your focus and make yourself a priority. You need to stay at your optimum to come out on top so take time for yourself. Feed your body nutritious food, cut out the caffeine and the sugar. Studies have shown that cutting out caffeine and sugar for as little as one week can lift depression. Also exercise. Take a walk or jog around the house if you don't feel like going out one day. Exercising is a great way to boost your feelings in a positive direction.

Know that this too will pass.
After the tears, and the why me, remember that every painful emotion, painful moment, painful situation is fleeting. It will not last forever. It will come to an end and even if what you fear most has happened you will come through it with a new game plan and in the process be stronger and wiser.

Have your Amen corner.
A weekly prayer line one night a week with several family members to pray over issues can be a comforting and strengthening experience. It can allow each person to feeling loved and clothed in good thoughts. Even if you don't have a family prayer line, find those people in your life who can be your Amen corner. Your Amen corner is your cheering corner, the kitchen nook at your best friend's house, your big sister or brother's arms, someone or a group of people who will nurture you emotionally, spiritually, and physically if need be until you get back on your feet.

The lovely poem by Langston Hughes entitled, "Mother To Son." resonates with many women and hopefully with you too, because at times, "Life aint been no crystal stair," but because of our innate gifts, and the roots and rites of passages passed on to us by other women, we're "still climbin'," even when life gets interrupted.

First published June 2012 © Copyright

Finding You in the Midst of Adversity and Pain
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

        Oh Lord, it is me again…Have you heard my cry or seen the tears that I have shed amidst the anguishing situation that is before me? Oh Lord, this is not the first time but it will be the last time I will love, try to help another, fight for what's right, try to reach my goals, or give as I have. I just can't go through the same scenario again.

        Stop and look at the life of Jesus on earth. It was filled with loving, giving, helping, pain, attending to others, no matter the circumstances. Even Jesus asked how long he had to stay amidst the people that were surrounding him. One of his first miracles was due to being obedient to his mother's request. He did not follow the rules and regulations of when a person was to be healed, he told them who he was and he was ridiculed for it. Jesus your son, faced the cross in a very horrible way, still loving us he gave his life to allow us to face you once more after this life.

        Even though Jesus was laughed at, stoned, whipped, dared to save himself and was sold to be crucified for money, He withstood the pain, the anguish, the hurt felt by the people who were believers. No one who he taught stood by his side during his walk to the cross, they all scattered. While his disciple looked on from a distance, not brave enough to testify of his greatness. Yet Jesus loved him and us through all this, and still today continually unconditionally loves us. Jesus never gave in, gave up, let go while reaching his potential.  How could we have forgotten your trials, your faithfulness, your love, your hand holding us and lifting us and assisting us as we walk our own path.

        Oh Lord I see you, in the midst of my adversity and pain. I know that somehow and someway you will help me to get through this. You will restore me to the joy of my salvation. You will help me to heal, to be whole, to give again, to help again, to trust again and to love again, knowing that this is your way and that you are with me always, giving me the strength and courage to continue on in you.

        Rise up this morning in the midst of Jesus and the Glory of our Father in Heaven. Continually seek his face for the strength that you need to get through each day and each moment within your life. God is a faithful and true God. He cares for your every need. He stands over you with an undying love drawing you to his side daily as you allow him. Jesus gives you the grace to get through each situation and circumstance. With God you can live and be the vessel He has called you to be and dwell with joy through any journey you face.

First published May 2012 © Copyright

When Silence Utters Words
By: Diana Paino-Fulton

            As we grow in life, we find that silence utters words. In many situations, we may be silent, still, praying, hoping, and just waiting for the situation at hand to change. This can be just for a moment, days, years or a lifetime. As we pour our heart and soul into the belief that things will change, we continue in silence, waiting...

        The yearning in our hearts is not heard but felt only by us. We continue in silence, in that moment of time. Even as we may look weak to others or ignorant, we know in our heart and soul the Lord has held our tongue, bent our knees and folded our hands. Many times, we go before the Lord sobbing and in pain, with our prayers. Although we are never silent in God's eyes, however, we still remain silent to the world, silent to others involved.

        Silence is not an easy trait to embrace. Now-a-days, not many people are patient and diligent enough to ponder quietly and listen to the spirit for inspiration. Within our rushed life we tend to run to the next task. We don't find the time to observe, wait, be silent and pray about the situations we encounter. Today, many of us tend to embrace a busy world, a busy life, a busy us.

        Eventually, at the right time, the silence is broken and the silence speaks. It speaks loud and clear at times or sometimes gentle, sometimes with authority, but with wisdom which is not of our own. The words at times may come across as harsh, insensitive, or surprising. Hearing the words or feeling the inspirational feelings for the first time may make us react in a state of shock and dismay since we never expected it. We may have thought that we would never get a response from God or a whisper from the spirit. But the silence has broken.

        When we have lived as we desired for so long, once the silence is broken, it may shock us and bring us to realize the truth. This broken silence being spoken by us also shocks and gives truth to the many other individuals involved. But God's words has broken through with truth, authority, wisdom, and his gentle whispers from the Spirit. Once the silence is broken, God's words opens our hearts. What will come of this is a new day and a new way to go forward.

First published April 2012 © Copyright
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